10 things you didn’t know about the One Thousand Museum in Miami
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1. – It is a luxury condo tower with 66 stories and 83 units located on the coast of Miami, which started building in 2012, it began receiving its first residents in 2019. 

2. – It was built by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA). The British Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid was the first woman to win the Pritzker award (the Noble of Architecture), she passed away in Miami in 2016 when she was 65 years old, when the building was not yet fully built. Hadid also won two Stirling awards, the highest architectural honor of Great Britain, and she was named “one of the most influential women in the world” by Forbes magazine. 

3. – The curves were one of Hadid’s obsessions, in opposition to the straight buildings that surround the One Thousand Museum. 

4. – It has glass facades locked by a curvy exoskeleton, made up of five thousand concrete pieces reinforced with glass fiber. It winds from the base to the top, and it seems to sink at times among the glass windows of the tower. The exoskeleton serves structural purposes, allowing the inside space to have fewer columns. The interiors, curved in the corners, make balconies for the residences of the lower levels. 

5.- The technique of “permanent shuttering” that the study used consists on pouring cement in GRC cases, which were not tossed away later but finished and added together to form the columns. 

6.-The gym, the so-called “tornado-stairs,” is at the same time a front desk reception which climbs in a spiral to the spa of the upper floor.

7. – The exterior design was thought to answer the climate conditions of Miami, mainly hurricanes, with foundations highly resistant to demanding winds.

8. – The building, with its 215 meters high, is the third tallest building in Miami. It has two pools, a bar and a private heliport, the first one of a residential building. The scenic crystal elevators reach the apartments directly for more comfort. Some apartments have private pools inside. 

9. – The futuristic tower is already an icon of the city of Miami. The magnificent view from the apartments looms the park of the Pérez Art Museum, it goes across the Key Biscayne Bay, it goes through Miami Beach, and it reaches the Atlantic Ocean. 

10.- The prices go from US$ 5 million, and apparently, there are very few available units. The Beckham family bought one of the most luxurious properties of the building with a value that surpasses the US$ 50 million. 

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