Month: March 2019

Setting a Style for your Home
19 March, 2019 Sin categoría prosein_admin

As time passes by, we have seen an evolution in the tile industry. The story started in Egypt when Egyptians used these products to decorate important buildings. Nowadays, we use ceramics and porcelain to set a style for our house.  The choice we make can truly impact and definitely make difference. This is the reason Prosein offers a variety

Choosing the right color
18 March, 2019 Sin categoría prosein_admin

Soft Delicate tones are obliged in any room of the house. Some people like to create a natural setting. These tones can then be combined with other decorative elements to ornament the house. Different varieties of pastel colors can achieve these results. Arrangement The compositions of tiles make order and patterns that embellish the house.


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