Month: January 2020

Are you remodeling your bathroom? Then you have to read this
31 January, 2020 Sin categoría editpros

First, define if you’re changing the main bathroom, the guest bathroom, a smaller one in a room or even an office one, each has different priorities according to their use and location. For example, the guest bathroom usually doesn’t have a shower, so in your creative process for remodeling, focus on causing a good impression

It’s possible to remodel without panicking.
21 January, 2020 Sin categoría editpros

A lot of people get too many complications when they are remodeling because they don’t have a set roadmap. The solution can be as simple as following these three tips. Get inspired Find references where you can. Ceramic stores, Internet, Social Media and decorating magazines are good sources. Take your time to open a Pinterest

Inspiration in three books
11 January, 2020 Sin categoría editpros

There’s nothing like the excitement of a new home. Every time we are at a new space we experience the thrill of entering the unknown, conquering it and making it ours, that each floor, wall, color, and accessory can be a reflection of who we are and what makes us happy. We always recommend using


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