Month: November 2020

4 reasons to have porcelain tile floors when having kids
30 November, 2020 Sin categoría editpros

The safety of the little ones at home is a fundamental element, and here we’ll tell you why porcelain tiles are an excellent option to keep them safe. Firmness. Carpet surfaces can hide irregularities, and in the case of those that aren’t attached to the floor, they can even risk asphyxia on children if they accidentally

What you need to know before installing pavers
18 November, 2020 Sin categoría editpros

Pavers are always a good option. It is not just due to their look, but also their advantages, such as slip-resistant components and their capacity to endure people and vehicles’ traffic. It’s worth checking out these aspects before starting to use them in the exteriors of your home. Analyze the ground. Insist your installers to have


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