Month: December 2020

3 signs that it’s time to change the porcelain tiles of your bathroom
29 December, 2020 Sin categoría editpros

Even though porcelain is built to last, the bathroom conditions make it have to go through different demands than any other room, so you must know the signs. Stains. If you fail to remove a stain, or there wasn’t a professional sealing during the installation process, the bathroom’s humidity has undoubtedly set in the porcelain, and

4 allies to keep your porcelain tile floor during the winter
14 December, 2020 Sin categoría editpros

It’s that time of the year where holidays come with colder weather, and it’s always good to pay attention to porcelain tile floors, but don’t worry, here you can find out how to protect them.  Broom and vacuum. It’s very common for some residues of the Christmas tree or, if you are going in and out


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