Month: February 2021

5 things you can’t forget when starting your remodeling project
18 February, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

Keep this list at hand so your remodeling projects this year start on the proper foot.  Budget. Start your project knowing the resources you have; however, you must have a margin of error because, at times, there are unforeseen expenses.  Inspiration. Before meeting the contractor, keep in mind what you want to do with your spaces. Take

4 things you must know about smart toilets
9 February, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

Even though they look like a thing out of a ScyFy movie, these toilets have been gaining popularity, and here are some details to keep in mind in your next bathroom remodeling project.  Origin. It is important to keep in mind that the basic concept of smart toilets of the 21st Century comes from Japanese models,

3 key trends in faucets and sinks for 2021
3 February, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

Since several studies made by the industrial and banking sectors point out that 2021 will be a year to invest in some home projects, it is worth knowing the best and most attractive options for your bathrooms and kitchen.  “Healthy” materials for sinks. The fight against bacteria and germs is present on all fronts. The sinks’


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