3 changes for an efficient office after the pandemic
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While people are slowly returning to the workplace, it’s safe to assume that changes will ensure a smooth transition. To make this process easier, here are three simple changes to consider.

Create a “residential-commercial” environment. When your employees have spent much of last year working remotely, the transition back into the workplace shouldn’t be traumatic. A comfortable chair, a decorative plant, natural fibers, and the possibility of natural light or smart lighting that promotes brightness are just a few simple changes you can start implementing immediately.

Setting up for videoconferences. Even though we might seem to move towards normality like what existed before 2020, we don’t know for sure whether remote working will be necessary again. Therefore, it’s time to replace walls with interactive boards and materials that allow acoustics adjustments and facilitate videoconferencing.

“Green” bathrooms. Consider replacing traditional faucets with smart ones that control water use precisely; you can also use smart lighting that only turns on when the bathroom is in use.

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