3 eco-tips to choose faucets
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These are three things you must consider when installing for the first time or replacing water fixtures if you want to contribute with the preservation of the planet.

Water flow control. Remember that water is one of the most precious natural resources, and one that needs most of our attention as global warming keeps on getting worse, so take into account that faucets may be a fundamental factor. When there are kids or elderly in the house, it’s best to use mixed faucets since single lever taps can accidentally wastewater.

Water temperature. When it comes to warm water, it’s important to consider both how much liquid is used and the amount of energy used to reach the wanted temperature, so it is recommended to use thermostatic faucets, which allow for greater precision in the specific temperature you need.

Durability. When you talk about faucets, you have to think about them as frequently used pieces. If you do not invest in quality, they will have to be replaced often, so you will not only generate waste but also require new raw materials for its replacement. Considering this, you should look for an assessment when choosing faucets to find the one that will stand the test of time.

At Prosein tile store, Doral or Aventura, we will assess you so you can choose the option that best adapts to your needs and contributing to the environment. Remember: there is only one planet and it is on all of us to take care of it.

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