3 key trends in faucets and sinks for 2021
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Since several studies made by the industrial and banking sectors point out that 2021 will be a year to invest in some home projects, it is worth knowing the best and most attractive options for your bathrooms and kitchen. 

Healthy” materials for sinks. The fight against bacteria and germs is present on all fronts. The sinks’ materials where we wash our hands, faces and foods are fundamental elements to consider. Materials such as quartz, which by not being porous, avoids the propagation of bacteria, and copper, which can even eliminate them, will be everyone’s first choice when making a change at home. These are also materials that have immense varieties of use in decorating. 

Faucets with sensors. While these were already gaining popularity due to the growing trend of saving water, this now seems irreversible: high sensitivity proximity-activated faucets and more sophisticated ones with voice commands that prevent any contact with their structure seem to be the most appropriate ones in the continuous fight against the pandemic. So, if you haven’t done so, it’s time to change. Remember you can choose from several models and prices. 

Trust in stainless steel. People’s interest in condition spaces outside their house to distract themselves has led to the construction of bars or external kitchens even in these intense confinement times. In these areas and their respective bathrooms, stainless-steel is king since this is the material that best stands the conditions of being outside. Additionally, the current trend of stainless-steel finished appliances has made it even more logical to have faucets or sinks made of the same material. 

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