3 mistakes that we must avoid when renovating our floors.
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Renovating the floors of your house, office, or business is an important decision, not just for the impact on the look of your space but also the implications it has in time and money. As much as it is essential to have a specialized tile store, it is also crucial to consider these aspects to achieve the best results. 

Underestimating its importance. You must remember that when talking about floors, you need to consider two aspects that impact your space: pragmatism and aesthetics. In pragmatism, you must consider the durability with the amount of traffic you’ll have in the area and other factors like humidity since a bathroom floor isn’t the same as a kitchen floor. On the aesthetic side, you must decide how the floor will look considering colors, materials, and the interaction with other elements. When considering these two options, you can visit us in our tile stores in Miami to see different options with our qualified personnel. 

Forgetting the implications of the change in floors. Unlike other renovation projects where we can leave the furniture in the space when renovating floors, we need to take everything out, which renders it unusable for the time of the project. This also forces projects to be done in a rush so the surface can be used as soon as possible, impacting the price. 

Forgetting its most permanent quality. Floors are generally wide surfaces that take up a lot of materials, so these tend to be more permanent projects, so there is little to no wiggle room (such as following temporary trends or using materials to test). As a result, decisions on floors are from mid to long term. 

Visit us at our tile stores in Miami Prosein Doral and Prosein Aventura, to give you the best options for your floor and the most qualified attention. We go hand in hand with you to make the best decisions for each of your spaces. 

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