3 perfect products to keep your porcelain tiles
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At times, succeeding in keeping your porcelain tiles is about your resolve and finding the right allies. Here are some brand FILA products, which may help you counter some of the most common situations that affect your floors and walls. 

Heavy-duty cleaner. This is a real wild card because it will help you keep your porcelain and also remove stains. It’s a high concentration product that you can use pure or diluted, which cleans without deteriorating materials. 

Groutrenew. We all know when there is dirt or deterioration in the grout between tiles, sometimes you might even need to replace it. However, this product was designed to prevent this from happening. Not having an acidic component doesn’t harm tiles, and it is easy to use since it comes in a spray bottle; you only need to apply once or twice, then dry, and you’re done. 

Protostrip. There are enemies of your tiles, such as grease or paint, that may become a real headache, but this product has the necessary to solve these problems. A five-minute application guarantees a deep cleaning that completely removes the most intense stains without causing corrosion, and it is biodegradable. 

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