3 tips to combine and use light on tiles
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Among interiors of homes and offices, lighting isn’t an isolated or a secondary element; this is why it’s essential to understand the way atmospheres relate with surfaces in order to create the atmosphere you want.

Consider the real impact of light. If you use indirect light, choose tiles with lively colors so there isn’t a sense of darkness, while if you decide direct light, or even in some cases natural light, you should use darker colors.

Don’t rule out white. With smart lighting systems that allow you to change colors and intensity of the light with a single touch of your smartphone, thinking of white or bright colored tiles is a good option that works as a canvas for the diversity of the light.

Remember the natural atmosphere of different spaces. Common spaces, such as the living room, the dining room, and bathrooms, need to have specific lighting. That is why the combination of light and tiles must meet this rule. On the other hand, bedrooms and entertainment rooms (music or television rooms, for example), since they are spaces dedicated to rest, tend to favor darker atmospheres, so you can start with a selection of tiles that go with this as well as opaque lights.

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