4 allies to keep your porcelain tile floor during the winter
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It’s that time of the year where holidays come with colder weather, and it’s always good to pay attention to porcelain tile floors, but don’t worry, here you can find out how to protect them. 

Broom and vacuum. It’s very common for some residues of the Christmas tree or, if you are going in and out of the house, for dust or other particles to accumulate. These particles can end up damaging your floor, so you have to pay attention, scrub, and vacuum.

Wet mop. Winter is a time of hot drinks or wine during parties. In any case, if there is an accidental spill, always have a damp mop nearby. Simply pass it on the liquid and then water it. If there is any additional residue, do it again. 

Cleaners with an acid component. This is one of the best alternatives to keep your porcelain floors clean during the winter. Find soaps with some vinegar or citric extracts, or prepare your own with a cup of vinegar, three gallons of water, and two or three tablespoons of concentrated soap. 

Microfiber. Microfiber mops tend to be very useful when removing any residue that your family’s shoes may bring during the holidays. Keep several of them at specific places or corners where the broom or the vacuum can’t access easily.

Remember to celebrate these holidays responsibly. It’s not yet time for large gatherings. These are days of reflection, gratitude, and sharing with your family. 

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