4 errors to avoid in your renovation project
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It doesn’t matter if you want to make changes at home or to your business; you must know these common mistakes and avoid them if you want to succeed.

Staying only in words. With the team for your project, it will not only be enough to verbally explain the most specific details of what you want to achieve. All graphic material, such as drawings, diagrams, or reference pictures, must be shared with all involved to avoid confusion. For example, there is no way of explaining a mosaic on a floor without images. 

Not having a contingency plan. Expect the best and prepare for the worse. Whether it’s budget, materials, workforce, it isn’t enough to expect the best and start the renovation project with that only prevision. You must create scenarios and alternatives because the delays and the improvised solutions will end up being more costly. 

Not consider lighting. The selection of new materials for floors and walls can be engaging, but don’t ignore the effect that light can have on them. Try to select samples for materials and do several light tests to ensure you’ll get the result you want. 

Forgetting the “5th wall”. It’s amazing how many projects fail because they don’t consider the roof or the named 5th wall. It doesn’t matter if you don’t decide to make any changes there; you must consider how it relates to the rest of the elements to get an integral vision of the result. 

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