4 keys to create a dreamed bathroom
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Whether you are looking for a new home or are in a renovation project, these recommendations are ideal for making the bathroom of your dreams.

Think about furniture and mirrors. Especially if the space is small, functional furniture that allows you to organize several things, and mirrors to give a deep sense are essential.

Give it a natural touch. When selecting materials, you can choose between stone or stone looking tiles. Besides, include one or two plants that can help create a unique atmosphere, and if it is possible, you can try to use natural light.

Play with light. Smart illumination systems can give you multiple tones just by clicking your mobile. You can also take advantage of the materials and colors on walls, floors, and roofs. Remember to give priority to bright tones.

Invest in good faucets and water fixtures. They are pieces that you will use frequently, so it is better to invest in quality. Furthermore, proper faucets and water fixtures can work as a decorative element.

If you are in the middle of the creative process, we invite you to visit Prosein Tile Store in Aventura or Doral, to share ideas with our sales associates, who will give you the best possible recommendations.

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