4 reasons to have porcelain tile floors when having kids
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The safety of the little ones at home is a fundamental element, and here we’ll tell you why porcelain tiles are an excellent option to keep them safe.

Firmness. Carpet surfaces can hide irregularities, and in the case of those that aren’t attached to the floor, they can even risk asphyxia on children if they accidentally roll on the carpet. Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, offer a stable surface even, which may be helpful on important development moments of their growth when they start walking. 

Cleaning. Porcelain tile floors tend to be perfect for helping you with that little food or painting related incidents that kids often have. So, when those elements fall on your floor, you have one less reason to be stressed because you know that the floor can shine again with a little effort. 

Easy replacement. If one of the tiles gets scratched, something that is both an aesthetic and a security issue, it can be easily replaced. This way, you don’t need to start a complicated or costly renovation project. 

Low risk of intoxication. While other options for your floor surface can have led or other chemical components that are risky for a child (especially within their crawling months), porcelain and natural stone are chemically neutral, so your child will be safe. 

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