4 things to remember when using tiles on walls
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The durability and beauty of tiles makes it perfect for walls, but you can’t forget those small details that will make the difference so you can enjoy them. 

Consider your surroundings. Windows, doors, and other reference points of the wall you are putting the tiles may generate aesthetic dilemmas you must consider when choosing the best model.

Check the surface of the walls. Due to different reasons, the surface of your wall could not match 100%, and even if the unevenness is half an inch or more, it will show when the wall is finished. Don’t skip on this verification to avoid inconveniences. 

Identify corners well. When walls corner, it’s necessary to cut the tile, so you must keep this in mind, whether it be an internal corner (where two walls meet) or an external one where the angle sticks out. You must proceed differently for each process. 

Remember the special seal when there is water danger. If the wall is around the sink or the dishwasher, remember that it is necessary to apply special seals to avoid the water infiltrating the tile and raising it. 

In any case, when you come by our stores in Aventura or Doral, our experts will guide you and give you all the necessary tips so that your walls can look as you have always dreamed of. 

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