4 things you must know about smart toilets
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Even though they look like a thing out of a ScyFy movie, these toilets have been gaining popularity, and here are some details to keep in mind in your next bathroom remodeling project. 

Origin. It is important to keep in mind that the basic concept of smart toilets of the 21st Century comes from Japanese models, which have been used for several decades now and have become a cultural reference. 

What do they do? The premise of these toilets is, on the one hand, to optimize the use of water when eliminating waste and, on the other hand, eliminating the use of toilet paper since its accumulation on bathrooms, garbage trucks, and waste dumps has dire consequences. The toilet cleans all the skin using a water pressure technology and some additional products. In many cases, it dries it without the need to use paper. 

Potential. It is believed that at some point, these types of equipment will be able to make simple urine or feces analysis and even send a trustworthy medical report to the user. 

Global importance. In highly populated countries such as India or Pakistan, many people don’t have bathrooms as we know them. They use open spaces without any sanitation control, leading to diseases. Therefore, it is estimated that the mass use and reduction of smart toilet technology price may be the solution for these countries, considering its reduced use of water and its relatively easy installation. 

At Prosein Tile Store Doral and Prosein Tile StoreAventura, we love technology, especially if it helps preserve our planet. This is why we offer well-known smart toilet brands such as TOTO, Neorest, and Washlet. 

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