4 things you need to do before hiring an interior designer for your store.
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An interior designer can give your store a jump in quality that it needs to attract more customers and stimulate sales. With this list, you can cover some important aspects to get the most out of the service of this professional. 

Consult with friends and colleagues. Aside from the credentials of an interior designer, it is worth it to bring concrete examples of not just their work but their work dynamic. Consulting with friends or colleagues that have used one can be good. 

Interview several candidates. Always remember not to get carried away by first impressions but compare them and use your instinct to make the final decision. Renovations take time and you must be sure to have someone you can have fluid communication with for the good of your store. 

Define the fundamental aspects of your vision. Decoration styles, color palettes, and how these relate to your products are just some of the factors you need to have clear before hiring an interior designer. Consider them a professional that will give you their knowledge ad expertise to bring your vision to life, but to achieve this, you need to provide them with the necessary input. 

Create a Pinterest account. It’s one of the best ways to organize all your ideas of what the final result should be like; it will help guide you and set a starting point for the designer who can also include their ideas in the platform. On the board, you can gather materials, trends, references, and this way, it’ll be easier to be oriented when, for example, you’ll purchase the materials in the tile store.  

You haven’t picked the designer that will help you with your project yet? We can help you. If you already have one, we’ll be waiting for you in your favorite tile store, Prosein Doral or Prosein Aventura, so together, you can choose the best materials for the remodeling of your business.   

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