4 things you need to know when combining materials for your floors.
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Are you having a hard time choosing among different options for your floors? Combining is the answer, and here is why!

It’s a good idea. Mixing materials will allow you to create original and contemporary results. In different spaces? It’s an option, but why not dare to do it in the same room? This will let you play with different colors and textures and achieve more creative results. 

You can take advantage of the virtues of each material. For example, the floors of natural stone or porcelain can be icy so that you can alternate them with wood. Aside from a beautiful finish, you can prepare it for any season of the year. 

It’s a resource to divide spaces. Especially when you have few square feet at your disposal, combining materials can help you create a visual division that gives a better sense of size and better distributes your spaces. 

It has economic advantages. With the right combination, you can forget about accessories such as carpets or heating. With the proper assistance, you will find the perfect mix of materials to optimize your investment. 

Remember that not all combinations work, so you must first explore options and, especially, get some professional advice. Visit us at our tile stores in Miami, Prosein Doral and Prosein Aventura. Our advisors will be happy to orient you about the materials you can combine for your space. 

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