4 tips for choosing your faucets
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These are the recommendations so you can make the best decision when changing the faucets of your bathrooms or kitchen. 

Looks are not always functional. It has become more and more common to find diverse and daring designs for your faucets, both in traditional materials and finishes, as well as a wide range of colors. What’s important is that you understand your needs and consider both aspects when buying. Don’t limit yourself; the options are infinite!

What’s most expensive isn’t always what you need. You may feel tempted to pay more to buy higher quality faucets. However, what you are paying has more to do with additional functionalities and not necessarily durability or adaptability to your needs, so don’t doubt asking for help in your favorite tile store, so you don’t end up spending more than you need to. 

Size does matter. One of the most significant differences between faucets is the length and reach, but this cannot be chosen on its own: remember that if you have, for example, a mirror on top of the faucet or the space limited by some furniture, you have to consider all of these measurements, while if your sink has two or more compartments, you will probably require a particularly long faucet. 

Some finishes require more maintenance than others. Shiny finishes can be a magnet for a large number of stains, starting from fingerprints. Consider the type of care you have to keep with them and evaluate all the options. 

Bonus track: the best advice is for you to visit us at Prosein Doral or Prosein Aventura so our associates can help you find the best option of faucets for your kitchen or bathroom. A good choice is always saving time, money, and headaches. 

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