4 trends for wood-looking tiles for floors
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If you want to get the decorative potential of wooden finishes but with the durability of porcelain, Wood looking tiles are the perfect solution, and here are some of the most popular trends for this year with these types of floors. 

Patterns. Creating patterns with this type of porcelain is one of this year’s biggest trends. This way, you give a classic touch to your spaces which are at the same time irresistible and atemporal. Some favorites? Herringbone and Chevron are becoming very popular. 

Combining colors. When you alternate pieces with different tones of color, the floor acquires some dynamism without sacrificing the sense of continuity of the atmosphere you want to give the space of your home. Explore the available color palettes with our team and dare to mix them up. 

Smoky tones. Smoky wood is characterized by darker and more intense colors, which is a beloved color for interior design. 

Irregular pieces. Instead of looking for harmony on a pattern when you want to look for a more rustic result, the combination of irregular pieces with different sizes and widths is definitely an option to consider. The key is to keep an open mind and play with the rest of the elements of the space where the floor is going to be placed. 

Do you want more ideas? Come to our tile stores in Miami, Prosein Doral and Prosein Aventura, so our advisors can help you out in selecting that ideal tile for your space. 

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