5 simple tips to get an amplitude sensation in a tiny apartment
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Do you have a small apartment? It doesn’t have to feel like that. With these recommendations, you can enjoy a pleasant feeling of amplitude.

Paint the roof with the same color as your wall tiles. That way, you’ll avoid darker shadows that give that awful sensation of narrowness in small apartments.

Use large format tiles on the floor. If you haven’t noticed, small tiles focus the attention in the real space. On the contrary, large tiles will open the possibilities.

Use polished tiles. Matt tiles absorb light and highlight the lack of space. On the other hand, polished tiles have the opposite effect.

Choose simple tiles. Tiles with intricate designs and patterns make you feel overwhelmed. So, you better use even and self-colored tiles.

White floors. To gain light and amplitude, we must use bright colors such as white (and its variations) o beige, which project light well and make the space larger. If we also have a porcelain or marble floor in these tones, it will reflect the light, and the effect will be even better. 

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