5 things you can’t forget when starting your remodeling project
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Keep this list at hand so your remodeling projects this year start on the proper foot. 

Budget. Start your project knowing the resources you have; however, you must have a margin of error because, at times, there are unforeseen expenses. 

Inspiration. Before meeting the contractor, keep in mind what you want to do with your spaces. Take advantage of social media such as Instagram or Pinterest, which have lots of ideas for inspiration. 

Time. A remodeling will always affect the dynamics of your home so that it may cause discomfort. Keep an estimated time for the project and talk it with your contractor. 

Compatibilities. Especially when remodels are partial, talk with your contractor to see if these changes affect the rest of your spaces. This will apply from tiles to the possibility of connecting your smart devices with Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home. 

Before photos. You should photograph the space before starting; this way, you can compare later to know when you and your contractor finally reached the goal.

Lastly, you can’t forget to visit Prosein Tile Store Doral or Aventura to help you with everything you need to remodel your spaces. 

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