5 Trends to welcome Autumn to your home
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The end of a complicated year is coming, and you may be thinking of giving a different touch to your floors and walls, so here are some trends for this Autumn 2020.

Bring nature to your home. Wood is the undisputed king here when we want to get an artisanal and, at the same time, elegant look. Another must for this fall: natural stones on floors and walls, which may transform your space into an earthly paradise. If we add to this the use of earthy/green colors and textures that highlight naturality, you will feel closer to nature. 

Say goodbye to grey. This color for years has been associated with Autumn. Nowadays, this color palette seems to be an old fashion thing, especially in 2020, with people staying longer at home. The idea is to create a warmer environment. 

Search for warm tones. Choose colors like honey and caramel that have a toned-down quality and bring out a sense of comfort at home. 

Go back to white. While it is true that unicolored white tiles may be neutral and even cold, when they are combined with soft greys and some pastel colors, they can have a warm and elegant effect. 

Think about mosaics. Partial mosaics, meaning, alone on a wall or in some areas of your floor, may help break the monotony of a room and give a vibrant feeling that contrasts the temperatures that start to go down. 

Do you feel inspired by Autumn? So do we. It would be perfect for us to see each other at our tile stores in Doral or Aventura, to help you select the products you need to renovate your spaces.

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