6 details to change your bathroom
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Taking these into account or mixing some of these ideas, you’ll be able to give your bathroom an exciting change without the need to make a full renovation. 

Green marble or with green veins. While marble has always been associated with elegance and green tones are becoming a symbol of majestic luxury, it gives a feeling of serenity similar to that of a spa. 

Copper is making a comeback. For several years, bright and chrome finishings have been a sure bet for bathrooms, but copper is back in full force with that classic, timeless quality. Remember that to reinforce this effect, you can change the knobs of your bathroom furniture with their copper version. 

Wallpaper. In places that are less exposed to humidity, the bathroom wallpaper can give a new life to walls and the space in general, especially when combined with mirrors. However, forget about conservative impressions and go with lively colors and fun shapes. 

Think of blue.  If you put new tiles or painting, always consider blue in tones that resemble water and ink. It was no coincidence that Pantone chose classic blue as the color for 2020. In the middle of so many changes we have lived, an escape to the beach is more than welcome. 

Brief color palette. It’s best to focus on three or four colors, one of which has to be bright and neutral. As we have stated before, blues and greens are good alternatives, as well as some tones of pink. 

Get rid of excesses. Check in details everything in your bathroom and take out everything that doesn’t have a specific function. Sometimes it’s additional mirrors or auxiliary sinks, which overpower the space without adding anything to it. 

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