7 key questions to answer before starting your office renovation
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Although some of your work dynamics will continue to be remote, in-person working is returning little by little, and it may be the perfect time to improve those details that can help your business. If you answer these questions, you can better understand your project and carry it through more effectively. 

Is now the best time? There is no doubt that the pandemic and confinement measures have changed the way of looking at work processes. Several of these processes will likely stay remote even if there are conditions to return to the workplace. First, evaluate if you need these changes, especially if they don’t hinder the return to normal. 

What does the client win? While your company’s human resource needs their comforts, the client must be the absolute center of investments, so changes have to positively impact the client experience, especially if they go to the office. 

What are the economic and physical barriers to achieve a successful project? In many cases, regulations related to the space (amongst which can be the structure itself or security specifications) may become unsavable barriers for your project. You must evaluate with experts these details in previous stages. In any case, you can get an assessment to get an approximate cost and understand if you can assume it. 

How do changes affect your team? At times, a simple reorganization of workstations may create confusion that affects the normal development of activities. Evaluate the impact of your changes and, if possible, establish communication policies, so there is an adapting process.  

What must stay the same? Everything that works, what exceeds your budget, or what simply doesn’t add value to your client or workforce. It’s essential to establish these areas that are to be left the same before starting the project.  

Does your project affect the spaces of others? If your office is at a building or a complex you share with other businesses, there are most likely common areas such as a lobby. If your office project is large enough, it may be time to set a meeting to create the possibility of changing some of the common areas in a way that positively impacts all businesses. 

Is your project sustainable? An office renovation may be the opportunity to make better use of solar energy and install smart equipment that makes better use of water, reaching the highest environmental standards. Make sure to keep this aspect in mind. 

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