A brief guide of the best floors for every part of the house
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Take a tour with us across the different spaces of your home and the best alternatives for each of them when choosing their floors. 

Kitchen. Main things to consider: Resistance to humidity and cleaning ease. Best alternatives: Porcelain due to its durability and relatively easy upkeep. However, it shouldn’t have too bright or dark colors because they make any stain a lot more evident. 

Bathrooms. Main things to consider: The material must be waterproof and not slippery. Best alternatives: Porcelain and tiles, as well as natural stones with a complete sealing process that bring durability and beauty. 

Living Rooms. Main things to consider: Higher traffic. It’s a space that will generally be impacted more when compared to other areas of the house because of its everyday use. Best alternatives: This is the place where you can play the most with different options. Some choose options like polished cement or wood and even some vinyl. Natural stones can bring elegance and a contemporary touch at the same time. 

Bedrooms. Main things to consider: Comfort. Remember that this is a private space where it is very likely you’ll be barefoot, so some materials have to be selected considering temperature. Best alternatives: Wooden floors, laminated ones, and some natural stones can be among the first options. 

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