Are you remodeling your bathroom? Then you have to read this
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First, define if you’re changing the main bathroom, the guest bathroom, a smaller one in a room or even an office one, each has different priorities according to their use and location. For example, the guest bathroom usually doesn’t have a shower, so in your creative process for remodeling, focus on causing a good impression on your guests. 

Think of the floor and the walls

Design, colors, details, and materials of the remodeling will depend on the style you want to give the space, the level of moisture resistance to fight bacteria, the elements you want to add (shower, bathtub, Jacuzzi, sink, bidet, etc.) and the available space. 

The trend is to break barriers, keeping the classic, but giving it a personal touch. Does it sound complicated? Keep in mind that you can choose between porcelains that look like stone, cement, and wood. Imagine these materials combined with the bathroom pieces and faucets you have always wanted. 

Innovation, economy, and efficiency

Bathroom furniture must fit the space and store as much as it can using the area as best as it can. The products you choose should have added values such as technology, usefulness, and novelty: sinks that save water, smart toilets, let lighting in mirrors for perfect visibility, etc.

Trends in the details

Trends come and go, but you bathroom remains, so if you love a specific trend use it. Still, if you believe that you might change your mind in the near future, the best decision is to create a neutral base and give it “fashionable” touches in removable accessories such as faucets, towel holders, toilet paper holders, shower doors, etc. 

If you don’t have any preferences, use simple and functional lines, natural materials, neutral colors, sliding shower doors, external bathtubs, etc. 

Smart maintenance

Once your bathroom is ready, the best thing you can do is to dedicate some time each week to maintenance and order. This way, your bathroom will always look like new. 

Here are some ideas to keep your bathroom organized:

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