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4 things we learned from the 2021 Salone del Mobile of Milan
23 September, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

Super Salone del Mobile of Milan was a great opportunity for us to find out more about design trends for our tile stores in Miami, Prosein Doral and Prosein Aventura. This is the first international event dedicated to this sector since the outbreak began, and here are some lessons we learned. You can think big

6 details to change your bathroom
8 September, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

Taking these into account or mixing some of these ideas, you’ll be able to give your bathroom an exciting change without the need to make a full renovation.  Green marble or with green veins. While marble has always been associated with elegance and green tones are becoming a symbol of majestic luxury, it gives a feeling

7 key questions to answer before starting your office renovation
27 August, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

Although some of your work dynamics will continue to be remote, in-person working is returning little by little, and it may be the perfect time to improve those details that can help your business. If you answer these questions, you can better understand your project and carry it through more effectively.  Is now the best

4 things you need to do before hiring an interior designer for your store.
11 August, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

An interior designer can give your store a jump in quality that it needs to attract more customers and stimulate sales. With this list, you can cover some important aspects to get the most out of the service of this professional.  Consult with friends and colleagues. Aside from the credentials of an interior designer, it is

4 errors to avoid in your renovation project
23 July, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

It doesn’t matter if you want to make changes at home or to your business; you must know these common mistakes and avoid them if you want to succeed. Staying only in words. With the team for your project, it will not only be enough to verbally explain the most specific details of what you want

3 advantages of having an interior designer for your project
13 July, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

If you’re still on the fence about the value an interior designer can bring to your project, here are some of the advantages you’ll enjoy.  Saving money. Your interior designer will help you optimize resources. How? Generally, they are professionals with a vast network of contacts among providers and contractors, so you’ll have everything you need

5 trends in post-pandemic remodeling projects
13 July, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

While the number of vaccinated people rises quickly, it seems we can see what’s life will be after the pandemic. Here are some things to keep in mind when starting renovation projects in your home.  Home Office is here to stay: Several studies claim that for 2025, around a quarter of the workforce of the United

4 keys of renovations before selling your house
1 July, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

When you feel it’s time to take the big step of selling your property and moving, consider these recommendations when making renovations and increasing its value.  Cost/benefit rules. In remodels you make for the sale of your home, there is no other way of thinking: you must keep costs low and get the most significant gain

4 things you need to know when combining materials for your floors.
15 June, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

Are you having a hard time choosing among different options for your floors? Combining is the answer, and here is why! It’s a good idea. Mixing materials will allow you to create original and contemporary results. In different spaces? It’s an option, but why not dare to do it in the same room? This will let

4 trends for wood-looking tiles for floors
5 June, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

If you want to get the decorative potential of wooden finishes but with the durability of porcelain, Wood looking tiles are the perfect solution, and here are some of the most popular trends for this year with these types of floors.  Patterns. Creating patterns with this type of porcelain is one of this year’s biggest trends.


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