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5 Fall decorating trends you’ll love
17 September, 2022 Sin categoría editpros

Known as a transitional season from summer’s freedom and liveliness to winter’s austerity, Fall has its own key to decorating with personality and keeping up with the surrounding changes. Just as the trees shed their withered leaves to make way for new ones, some strategic changes in your home can convey the spirit of this

How to maintain porcelain tiles in the bathroom
15 August, 2022 Sin categoría editpros

Because of its versatility and ability to keep germs and bacteria at bay, porcelain is a material that is often chosen for bathrooms; however, it must be properly maintained to remain clean and attractive. Here are some tips for taking care of porcelain tiles: The dangerous footprint of water The first enemy of porcelain in

The neutral color palette: more than a trend
1 August, 2022 Sin categoría editpros

Why have beige, brown, and gray shades become so popular recently? The first reason that comes to mind is the warmth they reflect, even when used as the only chromatic element in all decorative elements. Warm and cozy are two words that appear easily associated with these colors. The diversity of neutral shades in porcelain,

ABC of porcelain tiles
21 July, 2022 Sin categoría editpros

When deciding on the right tile for your project, there are many things to consider: durability, aesthetics, ease of maintenance, etc. Porcelain is one of the most popular materials for indoor and outdoor flooring and walls, with benefits comparable to natural stone. Why is porcelain tile a perfect alternative for your remodeling project? We’ve rounded

Some inspirational ideas for your home’s exterior
13 July, 2022 Sin categoría editpros

The exterior of your home can become far more than just a facade and landscaping. How can you make the space functional and personal? Creativity is key. The following ideas can be implemented in different ways depending on the year’s season and can add value to your property. The goal is to reinvent the outdoor

Tiles and chromotherapy: use color to improve the atmosphere of your home
2 July, 2022 Sin categoría editpros

  Choosing the colors to use in the different rooms of your home is one key to having truly welcoming spaces. We introduce you to chromotherapy and how it can help you. Color as therapy Think of a day when you’re just starting out, and suddenly you look up at the sky. Have you ever

Tiles appreciation guide
25 June, 2022 Sin categoría editpros

  This guide will show you why tiles are, without a doubt, the best option for your home. It starts with a simple concept: Tiles are usually thin, square, or rectangular coverings manufactured from hard-wearing materials such as ceramic, stone, metal, baked clay, or glass. It has a wide range of uses: Thanks to its

Prosein Tile Store attends the 60th anniversary of the Salon del Mobile in Milan
16 June, 2022 Sin categoría editpros

  The Salon del Mobile, one of the world’s most important decoration fairs, was held again this year. The Prosein Tile Store team was present at this great event that brought together furniture and interior decoration highlights. The 60th edition of the show arrived to continue writing its illustrious history after a couple of years

Get ready for summer by decorating the exteriors of your home
1 June, 2022 Sin categoría editpros

  The cold days are behind us. It’s summertime, which means pool days, barbecues, and more use of your outdoor areas than at any other time. Here are some ideas to ensure you’re prepared before the season starts. Rethinking outdoor spaces Outdoor spaces are important in their relationship with the house’s interior because they can

Bringing the 90s back to life with Newstalgia
25 May, 2022 Sin categoría editpros

The 90s is back but with a contemporary approach to this decorative trend that has more and more followers. An indelible cultural footprint It is no coincidence that television series such as Seinfeld or Friends have not only maintained but increased their legion of followers, many of them too young to remember the episodes in


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