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Technology and decoration: the future is now
25 January, 2022 Sin categoría editpros

    Forty years ago, when computers were just getting started, we could only dream of the devices and applications we have today. Now, we have incredibly versatile, powerful, and, above all, portable tools for many tasks. The world of decoration isn’t an exception, so let’s take a look at some possibilities.   Virtual reality

Renovating or not renovating before selling the house: that is the question
15 January, 2022 Sin categoría editpros

  Renovations require money, time, and attention. You should ask yourself: is it a renovation project worth pursuing when you are considering selling a home? Here, we discuss some of the most important factors to consider when making this important decision. Myths and realities of renovation before sale One of the biggest myths is that a

Decorative trends for 2022
9 January, 2022 Sin categoría editpros

  As a new year begins, the experts’ opinions on the trends will make a difference in decoration.   The last two years’ decoration trends, which feature natural elements and timeless styles like Nordic austerity, will remain focused. This means that you will not need to make radical changes to feel like your spaces fit

What you need to know about Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2022
21 December, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

  Pantone has presented its color for the year 2022 and is an absolute reference when talking about the main aesthetic trends. See how you can use it in your renovation project. 4 keys of the Pantone color for 2022 Name Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri   Selection process Over 23 years, a group of color

Express Decor Trends: don’t be late!
3 December, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

There are indeed timeless styles and trends, but others come and lose their relevance as soon as we adopt them. In this post, we explore some of the key factors underlying this phenomenon and reveal some decoration trends that have gone out of style, even though they were top-notch in 2021.  Who sets the trends?

The revival of retail
1 December, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

Before the pandemic, one of the great debates was about the future of retail. Faced with the rise of online commerce, the most optimistic saw small stores as a memory of the past, intended only for very traditional or elderly shoppers. The more pessimistic predicted its end. However, the almost compulsory nature of online shopping

3 changes for an efficient office after the pandemic
12 November, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

While people are slowly returning to the workplace, it’s safe to assume that changes will ensure a smooth transition. To make this process easier, here are three simple changes to consider. Create a “residential-commercial” environment. When your employees have spent much of last year working remotely, the transition back into the workplace shouldn’t be traumatic. A comfortable

Your relationship with the interior designer
29 October, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

As soon as you are ready to take your renovation project to the next level, you need to hire a professional who will articulate and bring your ideas to life. Understanding some of these essential aspects of this relationship is essential for achieving success. The designer’s primary task There are specific characteristics you can expect

The timeless beauty of pink
20 October, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

According to the World Health Organization’s initiative, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month or Pink Month. It’s the perfect time of year to remember the timeless value of the many shades of pink that transcend decoration trends. From art to pop culture From the explorations on the effect of light on paint during the 19th

3 mistakes that we must avoid when renovating our floors.
6 October, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

Renovating the floors of your house, office, or business is an important decision, not just for the impact on the look of your space but also the implications it has in time and money. As much as it is essential to have a specialized tile store, it is also crucial to consider these aspects to


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