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5 trends in post-pandemic remodeling projects
13 July, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

While the number of vaccinated people rises quickly, it seems we can see what’s life will be after the pandemic. Here are some things to keep in mind when starting renovation projects in your home.  Home Office is here to stay: Several studies claim that for 2025, around a quarter of the workforce of the United

4 keys of renovations before selling your house
1 July, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

When you feel it’s time to take the big step of selling your property and moving, consider these recommendations when making renovations and increasing its value.  Cost/benefit rules. In remodels you make for the sale of your home, there is no other way of thinking: you must keep costs low and get the most significant gain

4 things you need to know when combining materials for your floors.
15 June, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

Are you having a hard time choosing among different options for your floors? Combining is the answer, and here is why! It’s a good idea. Mixing materials will allow you to create original and contemporary results. In different spaces? It’s an option, but why not dare to do it in the same room? This will let

4 trends for wood-looking tiles for floors
5 June, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

If you want to get the decorative potential of wooden finishes but with the durability of porcelain, Wood looking tiles are the perfect solution, and here are some of the most popular trends for this year with these types of floors.  Patterns. Creating patterns with this type of porcelain is one of this year’s biggest trends.

4 tips for choosing your faucets
28 May, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

These are the recommendations so you can make the best decision when changing the faucets of your bathrooms or kitchen.  Looks are not always functional. It has become more and more common to find diverse and daring designs for your faucets, both in traditional materials and finishes, as well as a wide range of colors. What’s

How to keep the Tavertino?
28 April, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

If you chose an elegant natural stone for your home, here are some simple recommendations for you to keep their natural beauty no matter the use or the passage of time.  Dry clean. Before applying any other product, remember to sweep your Tavertino floor periodically to remove the dust that inevitably accumulates over the surfaces. However,

A brief guide of the best floors for every part of the house
20 April, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

Take a tour with us across the different spaces of your home and the best alternatives for each of them when choosing their floors.  Kitchen. Main things to consider: Resistance to humidity and cleaning ease. Best alternatives: Porcelain due to its durability and relatively easy upkeep. However, it shouldn’t have too bright or dark colors because

Wood-look tiles are still a trend in 2021
31 March, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

Here’s why at the time of choosing a new appearance for your walls and floors, wood-look tiles can be a great alternative.  Colors. From the color of your tiles, you can make combinations with the rest of your space elements: walls, furniture, accessories, and equipment. With a wide array of colors from white to grey

Imagine the result of your remodeling with these Apps
31 March, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

When you have your home renovation project in mind, it is worth it to go through different options before making your final decision. These apps will help you visualize the possible results.  Room Scan Pro Why is it worth it? It lets you make a 3D plan of your home’s interiors easily and virtually so you

What material should I choose for my bathroom floor?
8 March, 2021 Sin categoría editpros

Discover the best materials for your bathroom floors and what you have to know for each option:  Ceramic and Porcelain Advantages: They never seem to go out of style and have an excellent price-quality ratio. They also last a long time, and they are easy to keep. Disadvantages: They could develop mold in the white cement between


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