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3 color ranges that are perfect for the autumn-winter season of 2020-2021
27 October, 2020 Sin categoría editpros

Create perfect environments to welcome these fall and winter seasons by combining these tones when selecting your tiles’ colors.  Blues. Pantone selected Classic Blue as the year’s color, which meant that it was present in several decoration proposals during the spring (just before the quarantine measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic). However, it is still

5 Trends to welcome Autumn to your home
6 October, 2020 Sin categoría editpros

The end of a complicated year is coming, and you may be thinking of giving a different touch to your floors and walls, so here are some trends for this Autumn 2020. Bring nature to your home. Wood is the undisputed king here when we want to get an artisanal and, at the same time,

4 things to remember when using tiles on walls
29 September, 2020 Sin categoría editpros

The durability and beauty of tiles makes it perfect for walls, but you can’t forget those small details that will make the difference so you can enjoy them.  Consider your surroundings. Windows, doors, and other reference points of the wall you are putting the tiles may generate aesthetic dilemmas you must consider when choosing the best

4 tips to protect your tiles during a move
23 September, 2020 Sin categoría editpros

These are the essential recommendations to protect your tiles during your next move. Measure everything. Before moving any type of furniture or appliances, measure its dimensions and the doors and spaces that they must go through during the move. Not considering smaller dimensions is the perfect recipe to scratch your floor and wall tiles.  Raise everything.

5 simple tips to get an amplitude sensation in a tiny apartment
16 September, 2020 Sin categoría editpros

Do you have a small apartment? It doesn’t have to feel like that. With these recommendations, you can enjoy a pleasant feeling of amplitude. Paint the roof with the same color as your wall tiles. That way, you’ll avoid darker shadows that give that awful sensation of narrowness in small apartments. Use large format tiles

Did you know your bathroom could be smart?
3 September, 2020 Sin categoría editpros

It’s not only about technology, but also the better use of natural resources, so here are three real allies to make your routines more fluid and put in your grain of sand in the conservation of the planet. Smart showers. The key is to waste as little water as possible without losing the experience of a

Your kitchen will get back to live with proper tiles.
26 August, 2020 Sin categoría editpros

With these pieces of advice, you can make your kitchen be a useful space and turn it into a place full of style and personality. Think in white. Use white tiles to cover partially or entirely the walls of your kitchen. If you decide to leave parts of the walls without tiles, use vivid colors

Protect your indoor spaces during the hurricane season.
26 August, 2020 Sin categoría editpros

Every year our houses are at risk of being damaged by strong winds and heavy rains. To be alert and take the necessary precautions can help us to preserve our belongings. Checking on the roof is essential. Remember that any problem in the roof could mean a significant volume of water getting into your property.

3 tips to combine and use light on tiles
10 August, 2020 Sin categoría editpros

Among interiors of homes and offices, lighting isn’t an isolated or a secondary element; this is why it’s essential to understand the way atmospheres relate with surfaces in order to create the atmosphere you want. Consider the real impact of light. If you use indirect light, choose tiles with lively colors so there isn’t a sense

4 keys to create a dreamed bathroom
4 August, 2020 Sin categoría editpros

Whether you are looking for a new home or are in a renovation project, these recommendations are ideal for making the bathroom of your dreams. Think about furniture and mirrors. Especially if the space is small, functional furniture that allows you to organize several things, and mirrors to give a deep sense are essential. Give


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