Choosing the right color
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Delicate tones are obliged in any room of the house. Some people like to create a natural setting. These tones can then be combined with other decorative elements to ornament the house. Different varieties of pastel colors can achieve these results.


The compositions of tiles make order and patterns that embellish the house. Each tile has its own characteristic that generates a variety of trends and gives the house a unique style. Depending on what you are looking for there are many creative proposals that will allow your house to differentiate from others.


Whether you are choosing marble, or rock, ceramic or tile… they all have the same purpose, create movement and different texture to your house walls. The result of your choice will end up having exquisite finishes.


There are spaces that request coatings loaded with imperativeness and energetic. Combining different enthusiastic hues with unpredictable, uneven and non-continuous tile, conveys the character of the remain. Abundance in your options is considered patterns.

The vintage just like the minimalistic styles is relevant nowadays. Using vintage tiles for pavements and coatings can create a unique style for your home. Ceramic tiles bring us the essence of other periods through their color, size, shape, and style.

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