Did you know your bathroom could be smart?
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It’s not only about technology, but also the better use of natural resources, so here are three real allies to make your routines more fluid and put in your grain of sand in the conservation of the planet.

Smart showers. The key is to waste as little water as possible without losing the experience of a good shower. Therefore, technology has been oriented towards creating covering patterns beyond the traditional and with a higher pressure. You will barely notice the difference, but your shower will be much more efficient.

Smart faucets. During the past few years, there have been significant advances in the development of motion-sensitive technologies. Current devices have sensors in the tap to open the water flow, and as soon as one moves away, the water stops. This way, not a single drop is wasted. Many of these pieces will let you save a high percentage of water in homes, restaurants, and hotels and ration the use of electricity.

On the other hand, there are thermal faucets for showers, where the water temperature is regulated faster than in single-handle faucets. It stays warm longer without much energy consumption. There are also faucets with an aperture system, which activates warm water only when the user needs it. This way, you can control the energy expenditure and CO2 emissions. 

Finally, today, the contactless faucets have also become highly important; these use infrared sensors that detect hands’ presence to activate the water flow. This also applies to the flushing of toilets. Without a doubt, this is a way to prevent Covid-19, particularly in bathrooms, with people’s high transit.

Real-time water monitor. These easy install devices let you see how much water you are using in real-time and notify you when a pattern goes beyond normal parameters. Aside from the ecological advantages these monitors present, they are tools to control leaks that may affect your service bill.

We’ll be waiting for you in our Prosein Doral and Prosein Aventura tile stores so you can find out the options we can offer you to bring a smart transformation to the bathroom of your home or business.

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