Faucets are the new protagonists in your bathroom
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There is no doubt that faucets are functional elements, but now more than ever, they also give an aesthetic touch to the decoration of your bathroom.

It is possible that we are used to faucets in silver or steel colors, but the current trend in water fixtures is going to gold, pink, black or white, bringing modernity and sophistication to your spaces. Some options imitate marble or stone details, and some manufacturers have made red, green, or blue faucets for those who prefer a fully colored bathroom. So if you want to refresh your bathroom without investing a lot, buying new faucets and some accessories may be the solution.

In the bathroom, the black faucets are gaining ground, generally in mate and embedded, and they are usually accompanied by other details, such as the accessories (fittings, soap holders, towel holders, and lamps, among others). This is your best option if you want to give the space an urban or contemporary style. You can have a monochromatic and ultramodern look, or you could mix it with intense colors and rate contrast. Think of a black and white bathroom, in which the black faucets blend with porcelain tiles and a floor of geometric shapes. It sounds good, right?

White is a color that is coming strong to bathroom faucets. In spaces where dark colors are predominant, they will add contrast, and they will catch attention. If, on the contrary, you like neutral environments, clear, or natural, they will be that piece that blends discretely with the background, making balanced spaces worthy of a spa. The result is usually bright and modern.

Faucets can add a lot of sophistication, especially in bright furnishings such as gold or pink gold. Behind are the times when gold faucets were considered of poor taste, a synonym of an ill-conceived opulence. Gold, especially mate, blends well with wood, for example. You can also choose a design with pink gold and in a single tap format for feminine and elegant results. This tone blends great if you want to give a vintage aspect to your bathroom. Consider that if you change your faucets to these tones, it is very likely that you will have to change some accessories of the bathroom.

When we talk about faucets, the trend refers to not only the colors but also the shapes. The new water fixtures are lean and elegant, and they don’t occupy too much space. Ergonomics are essential, adjusting perfectly to sinks and showers, as well as organic designs that simulate the shapes of nature, and they make more harmonious spaces.

Lastly, while brands are giving importance to designs, the new trends also include the right technical characteristics to make the faucets environmentally friendly; they save water, and they last longer.

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