Harmonic spaces for telework
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We are living a difficult sanitary situation across the whole world that has forced many to work from home, and it would seem that this trend, in many cases, will last for a while longer. Furthermore, staying in the same space for so long can generate anxiety, stress, mood swings, claustrophobia, and even depression. That is why it is fundamental to try to create a comfortable space where you and your loved ones feel at ease.

Here are some easy tips to make your home a cozy space, where you can share with your family, have certain moments of intimacy and telework if you so require.

1) Define spaces: Where possible, try not to do everything in the same place. Don’t work and don’t eat in bed or the kitchen, don’t sleep in the living room, etc. Each room must have its use.

2) Condition spaces for different tasks: If you have to work from home, try to condition a space that lets you focus, preferably an extra room, the garage, or a corner of the house where you can place a desk and a comfortable chair. If you can have a window with natural light, it would be even better. Walls of pastel colors like blue or light green, combined with neutral colors such as beige, will give you the peace you need. If you have a balcony or a terrace, give it an extra special touch by putting laminated wood floors or artificial grass as well as some plants, but don’t overdo it. If you don’t have an exterior space, the bathroom is an excellent place to unwind. It doesn’t matter if you have a bathtub or a shower; with dim light, aromatic candles, and your favorite music, we guarantee you’ll get the much deserved rest you need. Pro tip: you can change your shower system. Some options simulate the effect of the rain, which is very relaxing and modern.

3) Reorganizing furniture: Many times, with just changing the position of your house furniture, we let energies flow, and we can find that small corner we need for telework.

4) Organize and clean: You’d be surprised by the space that we can visually get in the same amount of square feet and how our mood improves when we have a clean and organized house. Start now to make your home a friendlier place, both for your work and your life.

Without a doubt, this experience has changed us all. Let’s take advantage of the situation, and let’s enjoy our homes and families with simple things, like cooking, playing, working, studying, and resting. 

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