How to keep the Tavertino?
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If you chose an elegant natural stone for your home, here are some simple recommendations for you to keep their natural beauty no matter the use or the passage of time. 

Dry clean. Before applying any other product, remember to sweep your Tavertino floor periodically to remove the dust that inevitably accumulates over the surfaces. However, try to use a portable sweeper because traditional ones may damage the stone. 

If there is dust accumulated, think of pressurized water. If you didn’t dry clean by some oversight, it might be time to use a pressurized hose to eliminate the dirt attached to the surface and edges. 

Choose your products well. If you only want to clean spills, a neutral ph soap will be enough: apply and dry immediately. But you should get a professional assessment for more profound pieces to choose the appropriate product. 

Avoid too hot elements on toppings. Remember that some stains, such as burns, cannot be removed, and the only option is to polish the surface, so always keep spares in your kitchen for these types of situations to avoid further maintenances. 

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