Inspiration in three books
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There’s nothing like the excitement of a new home. Every time we are at a new space we experience the thrill of entering the unknown, conquering it and making it ours, that each floor, wall, color, and accessory can be a reflection of who we are and what makes us happy.

We always recommend using specialized assessment, but as a minimum, it is good to know the basic principles and trends that will help us make decisions and of course have the final word, because at home you are the boss.

Here is a series of books that we find interesting and that will be very useful for you if you are starting with interior design:

“Love Your Home: A Beginner’s Guide to Interior Design” – Lucy Smith

With recognized experience in the magazine “Real Homes” as an assistant editor, Lucy Smith uses a simple and understandable language so that anyone can understand the basic concepts of interior design. Furthermore, along the text, you will find tips for you and those around you to find the right path for the new property.

“Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating” – Lauren Liess

The interior designer and blogger of Pure Style Homes, Lauren Liess, has a vision that goes beyond just locating furniture or a flower pot at a specific spot. The author covers moods, smells, familiarity and everything that goes beyond what is tangible. She first shows you the fundamental elements of design, then the aesthetics and the creation to give you your own criteria, and finally the specific challenges of every corner of the area you are modifying.

“The Big Book of Chic” – Miles Redd

Here we have a book for the most demanding people who love to make it big, with examples of cheerful and eclectic designs. Miles Redd is an interior designer who worked as creative director of Oscar de la Renta Home for 10 years. It is a guide of great visual impact that sums up the best designs across the world and how to bring them into reality.

After you prepare yourself, we will be expecting you at Prosein to assess you in the selection of the best materials that bring to life that place you have in mind and that you wish for with all your heart. Remember that in our stores a team of experts awaits to answer all of your doubts. Let the reading begin!

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