It’s possible to remodel without panicking.
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A lot of people get too many complications when they are remodeling because they don’t have a set roadmap. The solution can be as simple as following these three tips.

Get inspired

Find references where you can. Ceramic stores, Internet, Social Media and decorating magazines are good sources. Take your time to open a Pinterest account and create a dashboard dedicated to everything related to trends, styles, ideas, etc.

If you don’t have a Pinterest account, here is a tutorial on how to do it, it’s very simple!

Talk to an expert

Be confident that the magic will come, however, it may not come on its own, the trick is to mix your ideas with those of experts such as interior designers, architects or a specialized store like Prosein 😊

Invest smartly

Don’t buy everything at once. Do your research before making a decision. Don’t get over encumbered, be selective with materials, search for quality. It’s also important that within your budget you reserve a small part for that little something that can give a special touch to your space.

Take a look at these spaces that have inspired us and that may be useful to you when making decisions:

Think about the future

Once you are finished remodeling and redecorating you must keep everything organized so that all the elements you chose for your space look like right out of a magazine.  

We recommend following the six famous and simple tips of Marie Kondo: commit to order, decide the lifestyle you want to lead, organize by categories, let go of the things you don’t need, follow the correct order, and ask yourself if the things you are keeping bring you joy. Here is her website

Whether you are giving a radical change to your home or workplace or you are simply transforming a small space, consult an expert, at Prosein USA we not only have at your disposal all of our experience in porcelain, vanities, bathroom equipment and the materials you need, but we also fill you with good vibes so your project flows the way it is supposed to.

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