Mosaics as a key piece of decoration
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Mosaics are still a significant trend in 2020. This technique, which is used since the ancient Mesopotamia, was born as an artistic tradition in floors and walls of churches. It has evolved to become a key creative element in interior decoration. 

With their diversity of colors, patterns, and textures, mosaics are the ideal material to create modern environments with personality. Besides, they are a very versatile alternative since they can be installed on any surface. 

The first thing is to define the style that we want to give the space where we are going to put it, this way we can determine what type of mosaic to use (materials, shape, and colors). 

Where to use mosaics?

The mosaic is a decorative element that applies both for interior and exterior spaces. Even though the most common use is in bathrooms and terraces, it also works very well in kitchens, living rooms, and even office and hospital lobbies. 

With their different sizes and furnishings, you can use them both on floors and walls. Most of them are highly resistant to temperature changes, sun rays, rain, and natural time-related wear. 

Which is the ideal Mosaic for my space?

Glass mosaics: elegant

Glass mosaics provide elegance, depth, and movement to any place. They come in a wide array of colors, shapes, and designs, so you can get a sober and minimalistic look using neutral colors. You can also get a lively and cozy atmosphere with saturated colors, such as orange, yellow, or red. These mosaics can also be found in shiny and satin tones. 

Ceramic mosaics: traditional

Ceramic mosaics are one of the most known types of mosaics in decoration. They work both for interiors and exteriors, so they fit well in bathrooms, shower walls, terraces, kitchens, lobbies, among other spaces. 

Metal mosaics: versatile

Metal mosaics can have metal or steel furnishings, and their main component is aluminum. Their exceptional shine will give a modern look to your office or home. Where to use them? They are perfect for interiors, kitchens, bathrooms, classrooms, waiting rooms, and conference rooms if you are up for using them in an office. 

Wood mosaics: natural

Wood is a material that provides a connection with nature and warmth, so, if you are looking to give a cozy and organic air to a bedroom, living room or terrace, using wooden mosaics is an excellent plan. 

Stone mosaics: resistant

Natural stone mosaics are much more durable and resistant to time, so with them, you not only have a modern design, but also a quality design. This is why they work practically in almost every type of space, both on the floors and the walls. 

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