Protect your indoor spaces during the hurricane season.
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Every year our houses are at risk of being damaged by strong winds and heavy rains. To be alert and take the necessary precautions can help us to preserve our belongings.

Checking on the roof is essential. Remember that any problem in the roof could mean a significant volume of water getting into your property. That’s why you should check if any repair or impermeabilization is necessary.

Protect not just the windows and doors. Many times we focus o reinforce doors and windows. However, we forget the area where they are installed. During a hurricane, a small leak can turn into a massive water entrance. That’s why it is crucial to examine all the areas and think about installing shutter systems that keep the interior of your house completely isolated.

Floor sealing. Sandbags can be used to protect your house from floodings. Despite the precautions, it is possible that some water gets into your home. In that precise moment, you will regret not to have invested in sealing your floors. Remember that floors without sealing will let the water be absorbed, and your floors will suffer the consequences. You are on time to take action!

Remember, hurricane season ends on November 30th. Protect yourself and your belongings. Get proper information about what to do when a hurricane affects your city or town, prepare your house and workspace, have an emergency plan. Being ready today can save lives tomorrow.

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