Setting a Style for your Home
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As time passes by, we have seen an evolution in the tile industry. The story started in Egypt when Egyptians used these products to decorate important buildings. Nowadays, we use ceramics and porcelain to set a style for our house.  The choice we make can truly impact and definitely make difference. This is the reason Prosein offers a variety of products each one with a unique quality and characteristic for every particular style and taste. 

When deciding what product is going to best fit what you are looking for there are many things that you need to take into consideration. 


Porcelain and Ceramics come in different prints including squares, rectangles, hexagons, and many more. The use of these can help with decoration of blank spaces in your house. 


The place where you want your product can give you the answer for what will be best option to opt for. There are different options whether you are choosing a product for walls or floors. It is important to ask for different recommendations to your sales representative to know what option suits your home better. 


The way you combine a piece with another can set a style to create a unique design. When deciding these combinations, take risks to give the house and the different areas of it, its own personality and subtlety.

Always remember, ask the experts at PROSEIN!!

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