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To create a space from scratch, you must carefully think in the style, in the materials, the execution, and, most importantly, the professional assessment.


The decision to create a new space will have a prolonged impact on your life. We can even be talking about products that can last decades if you choose quality materials, such as porcelain or natural materials. It’s very easy to get caught up in the moment and use things that don’t last. Our advice is not to be stuck in a trend, but on what generates wellbeing in your space. Always consider that the materials you choose should be relaxing and beautiful.

Calm and intelligence

Don’t let the building process become a traumatic experience. Don’t rush the process because you are desperate to see the result, and don’t let cost management be your priority, sometimes looking for the cheapest option may go against you.

Give technology some space. Today there are very innovative materials that can add value, not just to your space, but also your investment.

Seriously consider the opinion of the experts you have hired for the job.

A classic will always be a classic

The best tile designs are inspired in more classic times and the main design movements. If you don’t know exactly where to go, you can look for references in the imposing palaces of the Roman Empire, in the Bauhaus school, in the beautiful Indian aesthetic, among others. There are timeless styles that speak to us through the centuries and from all parts of the world!

Trends always come, but they always go (especially in the world of interior design). If you only pay attention to them, you run the risk of being dissatisfied in the long run. Remember, don’t just blindly follow trends, find a material that you feel touches you deeply, and always use an expert. We are waiting for you in any of our Prosein stores in Miami, where you will find, not just unique and quality products, but also assessment and the post-sale service that will make your remodeling process a lot more rewarding. 

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