The right floor to enjoy the summer
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The long-awaited summer has arrived, and the situation the world is facing because of Covid-19 has forced us to spend more time at home. But, who says not being able to go out is a synonym of boredom? Your yard, balcony, or terrace can become this idyllic space of rest and enjoyment with the family. So, if you are planning to renovate the exterior areas of your house, today we share with you the beauties of wood looking tiles.

Wood looking tiles

Wood never goes out of style. Wood looking tiles can give your backyard or terrace a rustic and, at the same time, modern style, which is cozy both for a morning coffee and a romantic evening wine. If we go to the practical side of things, wood looking tiles are easy to install, weigh less, and are more affordable than traditional wood. Let’s take a look at the advantages:

Real look: The technological advances in the tiles go very far. Today some products look so real that even experts may confuse wood looking tiles with real wood. This likeness to genuine wood gives spaces a lovely natural and organic feeling.

Low Maintenance: Unlike wood, which is known for its high maintenance, wood looking tiles are cleaned only with soap and water.

Moist resistant: This is a great advantage, mainly because they resist rain and you can put them around pools without any problems, and most of them are slip-resistant.

Ideal for Balconies: Not all the options for exterior floors work or look well on smaller balconies, but wood looking tiles are perfect for giving a natural touch with the background’s urban landscape.

Easy installation: Wood looking tiles are instantly interconnected, and they can be cut easily with a tile cutter.

Environmentally friendly: Many of the new wood looking tiles are 100% recyclable, made of bamboo, wood fibers, recyclable resins, among other ecological materials.

Refresh your exteriors! You’ll be surprised by how much you gain just by changing the floors. The rest is left to your creativity and good taste. Come by Prosein Tile Store Doral or Prosein Tile Store Aventura, where you will find a fantastic variety of wood looking tiles. 

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