The timeless beauty of pink
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According to the World Health Organization’s initiative, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month or Pink Month. It’s the perfect time of year to remember the timeless value of the many shades of pink that transcend decoration trends.

From art to pop culture

From the explorations on the effect of light on paint during the 19th century until today, the vivacity of pink has stimulated human imagination, making us think of sunsets and sunrises to flowers and plants.

In the 21st century, pink has become an established trend in pop culture, particularly in mobile phones, with Apple launching the iPhone 6s in Rose Gold, followed by Samsung with the Galaxy Note 7. Rose Quartz was also chosen as 2016 Pantone’s color of the year, which further solidifies its relevance and ubiquity. The fashion world has also incorporated pink into many proposals, both in high culture and in pret-a-porter collections.

Why do we like it?

Pink is still relevant because of a change in gender paradigms: pink has ceased to be a color associated with femininity and has become more neutral and versatile in use. 

From pale pinks to metallic ones like Rose Gold, this color conveys the rawness of winter, the brightness of spring, the casualness of summer, and the simplicity of fall. In addition, various effects can be achieved when mixed or explored. 

Its warmth and brightness are associated with an elegant luxury that is yet barely suggestive and without excess. In addition, this color transmits peace, which is especially important in these times of post-pandemic and in the workplaces that are slowly returning to normal. 

How to take advantage of it

We have natural pink stone and pink accessories for complete renovation projects and specific refreshes of spaces at our tile stores. Here are some ideas: 

Smart illumination. Using mobile devices, you can instantly switch between different shades of pink for lighting and other colors. 

Walls. Pink, especially in Rosé Gold, can be a perfect alternative to use on all walls or just the main one to make it stand out, whether natural stone or porcelain. 

Floors. A pink floor can add the warmth of feeling to any room in the house, especially in a bathroom.

Kitchen. As this is a space where clarity is always a priority, pink can appear on the floors, walls, utensils, and equipment. In addition, some details in kitchen tops can make a nice contrast to black or white. 

Are you ready to start? In Prosein Doral and Prosein Aventura tile store, our consultants are prepared to help you determine the best option for your project, not just colors but materials that suit the project best, whether residential or commercial. 

Pink awareness goes beyond one month. When it comes to detecting early and fighting breast cancer, information and prevention are crucial.

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