Top 5 2020 Trends in Bathroom Decor
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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our home, a space that we use several times a day, so it is worth investing in. If you are thinking of renovating it, these are some trends that will be of great influence in 2020. Take a look and give your bathroom a modern and unforgettable appearance.

Freestanding bathtubs and exposed shower plumbing

There are different shapes and designs capable of complementing each other, from the most modern and minimalist styles to the most elegant, classic, and romantic. That is why we are sure you will find that freestanding bathtub that suits all your needs. More & more exposed shower plumbing is being incorporated into bathroom design, creating an industrial feeling that looks gorgeous with the modern marble. 

Bold Colors

Getting a vibrant look doesn’t mean adding a new sink or cabinets; sometimes, it is as simple as just repainting your existing bathroom. Lime green is a common choice, giving your home a summer feel, while matte black is becoming very popular, providing a strong accent to your white accessories and vanities.

Waterfall shower with white light color accents

Turning the bathroom into a spa has always been in the mind of many people. Waterfall showers combine with white or natural light, make the dream come true.

Matte Fixtures

An increasingly popular trend, matte black is a bold and powerful color. The demand for matte finished countertops, sinks, cabinets, bathtubs, even ceilings, is on the rise. With matte finishes, dirt and dust are not visible, and the material is not easily permeable.

Diverse Tile Textures

A subtle yet quite common trend is diversifying your tile textures. There’s so much potential, especially if the tile textures are those of your flooring, as you can create interesting patterns with your tiles or change the material to feel more soothing to bare feet. You can also change the tiles in your shower or bath, giving your space a much more rustic or modern feel, depending on the colors you wish to incorporate.

Plus: Open concept 

An even more popular trend is the open concept, providing both privacy and a wide-open space depending on your preference. Doing away with restrictive barriers and walls and having just your bathroom as a large open area provides a liberating feeling that will continue as a popular trend throughout 2020.

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