What material should I choose for my bathroom floor?
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Discover the best materials for your bathroom floors and what you have to know for each option: 

Ceramic and Porcelain

Advantages: They never seem to go out of style and have an excellent price-quality ratio. They also last a long time, and they are easy to keep.

Disadvantages: They could develop mold in the white cement between porcelains, but this could be controlled with periodic maintenance. 

Natural stone

Advantages: Strong and long-lasting, its aesthetic effect is commanding, and it offers a lot of potential for combinations. Its price may complicate specific budgets, but it is generally a good investment. 

Disadvantages: It requires cleaning maintenance, polishing, and sealing ever so often. Stones such as marble can’t be considered for bathroom floors because they are very slippery. 


Advantages: They can come from a combination of materials; they are perfect to create wideness in reduced spaces. The lines of white cement between tiles made during installation add an anti-slipping effect to the floor. The possibilities of colors and combinations are nearly infinite. 

Disadvantages: You have to pay attention to the white lines of cement between tiles to avoid mold. 


Advantages: Its red and orange tones offer warmth to the bathroom and a more natural tone that sets it apart from a simply rustic feeling. 

Disadvantages: Periodic maintenance must include new sealing to counter the pores of the surface. 

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