White for your home…
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Colors are the key components when decorating your home. Knowing what shade to use can improve the house. The color white such as it can light up all of its corners. Also, it has the effect of enlightening, extending, giving bundling or restraint wherever it is use. Your decision is going to give your house the different viewpoints that you are striving for. 

There are different shades of white that combined are essential hues that carry out an impact in the pattern of your different rooms. Prosein offers a variety of white stones that are perfect for coverings and flooring among them are hardy calm natural and hardy rib line calm. 

The white color gives a tone of naturalness when this is use in the woods can bring simplicity to the house. White ceramics invokes a sophisticated tone and can bring exquisiteness in turn to different areas of the home. 

Naturally and Calmness… 

White brings a tone of tranquility and serenity to the house, by giving light to your different areas transforms this into warmth, which makes it nice in these different areas. For the main room, it can give a touch of privacy and completely minimalist style.

Furthermore, this color is perfect combined with more vibrant colors, and it is perfect to use with other decoration elements to give the house a modern look. This color used especially in the kitchen or office area is perfect for a vibrant look. Lastly, it can also give symmetry through the different shapes the tiles come in such as rectangles, triangles and squares. 

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